Plushie – Mr Chicken Cool

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Plushie – Mr Chicken Cool

What you need

Polar fleece
recycled t-shirt
toy filling/wadding
scraps of red,orange,white and black felt for eyes.


This Easter project shows you how to make an Easter plushie using recycled t-shirt or yellow fabric. This Easter chicken comes with a tub which is perfect for filling with decorative easter eggs.



Print the patterns below, each page should fit flush onto an a4 sized paper but you can make yours as big or small as you like.

Pattern 1 


Pattern 2

Pattern 3



 I used a secondhand tee shirt for this project, you can use any appropriate fabric.

I used orange felt for the feet, beak,and top piece. Red felt for the wattle. The legs were tee shirt fabric and the waist coat was made out of polar fleece.  eyes are out of felt.


Begin by sewing around the feet , theses are double thickness (to make them stronger and hold their shape) just sew a straight stitch around the outside edge


now sew your legs ,sew down the length of the legs so that the seam runs down the back.gather around the bottom secure and then fill with wadding. Set aside.


Sew both head pieces to both body pieces.


Sew around your body making sure you sew your legs in places you go, remember the legs go on the inside and both feet should be facing the same way with the seam down the back. Leave a gap down one side (under where the wing will go) so you can fill with wadding,once you have filled happy your body, hand stitch the gap closed.


Wrong side facing sew around the two wings leaving a gap for you to fill. Turn and fill with wadding.hand stitch the gap closed. Sew to your body.


This would be a good time to sew the feet to the bottom of the legs .


Now you can sew the wings on the side of your body


Follow the directions

Now gather up your pieces for the face.

The beak is folded in two and hand stitched to the face .

The eyes are made up of three pieces laid on top of each other,i used a spot of glue on the back of each piece just to hold it in place, then I hand stitched them together, and hand stitched them to the face.

The wattle is then stitched into place.

And finely the comb on top.


If you are using felt you do not need to


Stitch around the edges of the waist coat (every edge) if you are using felt then you do not need to sew around the edges, sew the two side seams together. You can put a pocket on if you wish, decorate with two buttons.You must pull it tight around the neck to get the v effect at the front.


Dress your chook and stitch a tub or basket to the wings for the Easter eggs.


                     Well done


What do you think of this project? Let us know!