Pinecone Firestarters

Create your own pine-cone fire-starters with these simple steps.

Pinecone Firestarters

What you need

A few pinecones
Any old unscented wax (unscented is fine or old Crayons
Vanilla Extract
Cinnamon Oil


1. Warm old candle wax

2. Mix in Crayon wax to create exotic swirl

3. Mix in desired amount of vanillia extract and cinnamon oil

4. Roll pinecones in wax mixture until completley covered

5. Let dry on wax paper

6. Give as gifts

These are a great way to start your holiday mornings cheerfully.


  1. What do you do with it?

  2. I too, made a LOT of these and thought they would sell like hotcakes at a craftshow…but they didn’t. So disappointing, because they are very cute and smell great too!

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