Photo Frame Initial Silhouettes

This is a great last minute birthday gift for young people. It takes fifteen minutes, approximately.

Photo Frame Initial Silhouettes

What you need

-Two scrapbook papers that go well together, (2 different colors and designs)
-Small photo frame (4 windows, each 2.5 by 3, 2 vertical, 2 horizontal preferably )
-stencils or printed photos from the internet
-Printer paper
-black sharpie


1.  Cut four 2.75 by 3.75 rectangles of scrapbook paper- two of one color, two of another.

2. Pick your design. I chose a flower in the picture above. Cut two of the exact same shape out of white printer paper.

3. Pick the initials. I did V M in the picture above. Cut those out of white printer paper too.

4. With a black sharpie, outline the images, JUST ON THE EDGE.

5. Attach the decals. Attach the two initials to the same color, and the two designs to the same color paper. I used double stick tape.

6. Fix the squares of paper onto another sheet of printer paper, making sure that the papers line up with the glass openings. I used double stick tape.

7. Re-affix the backing of the frame, and you’re done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!