Paper Mache Bangle

A very easy craft that you can do with your kids and have something to show for at the end - paper mache bangles!

Paper Mache Bangle

What you need

Paper Mache


Step 1. Cut the cardboard into strips about 23cm long (you can change this according to your child’s wrist size) and 3-5cm thick.

Step 2. Tape the ends together.

Step 3. Cover the bangle with 2-4 layers of paper mache newspaper (depending on how thick you want the bangle to be).

Step 4. Once the paper mache has dried, cover it in 1-2 layers of paper mache WHITE paper towels (just enough until you can’t see the newspaper patterns. This way, the newspaper won’t show through when you colour it).

Step 5. Once that paper mache has dried, paint the bangle however you want!


  1. i wish they had pics

  2. kida loved it

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