Papal Rosaries

Papal Rosaries

What you need

59 6mm Czech 'druk' beads
Jump rings
Pope John Paul II center
Papal crucifix
Round nose pliers
Wire cutters


Put each of the 59 beads on individual eye pins and make a basic loop on the open end. On 6 of them, add 2 jump rings to either side of the eye pins. Make 5 sets of 10 beads strung together. Using four of the beads with the jump rings, connect the 5 decades together with the jump ringed beads in between the decades. You will find that each end of the completed strand you just made will have no beads with jump rings.
The center will have 3 holes; 2 at the top and one at the bottom. Connect the ends to the top 2 holes. It will look like a necklace with the center as a pendant. Using the rest of the beads, connect the 3 beads with no jump rings. Connect the 2 leftover with the jump rings to either end of the strand you just made. Attach the crucifix to one end and the other end to the center. If needed, add a jump ring to the crucifix.

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  1. I think it could use some photos to show steps but I like how simple it is

  2. Wheres the Picture !

  3. Thanx. My son is making his Holy Communion later in the year & this will be a great project for me to make him a gift with

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