Oriental Mouse Pad

What a perfect way to add some flair to your humble mouse pad. We have used a Chinese character to make an Oriental theme, but you can pick whatever you want!

Oriental Mouse Pad

What you need

1 sheet black sticky-back felt
1 sheet red sticky-back felt
Pins (optional)


Find a Chinese symbol online and print it on a sheet of white paper.

Use the pins to attach the paper to the black felt, and use the picture as a stencil.

If you do not have pins, just be more careful when cutting.

When the pieces are all cut out of the black felt, stick them onto the red piece of felt.

Now stick the entire piece onto your desk or on top of another old mouse pad.


  1. Offensive? Not at all. I’m Asian and ♥ this

  2. I find this offensive

  3. well i like it

  4. my opinion it doesn’t look so good.. sorry…

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