Music Mobile

Using old records make a really cute music mobile for your home.

Music Mobile

What you need

2 old records ( you can pick these up CHEAP at music stores )

2-3 old cassette tapes

2-3 old CD's

Fishing wire, cut in different lengths

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Something to make holes, like a hammer and nail, or drill.


This is a really cute mobile!

First, take one of the records, and punch/drill between 5-8 holes around the edge.

Next, take the fishing wire and cd’s and cassette. and string the fishing wire through the holes of the cd’s and cass.

string them through the holes you made in the record, and tie them off.

Now, take the second record, and punch/drill 4 holes in the edges, so when you hang the record, it’ flat.

Take fishing line, and string it through those holes to a point, so make a pyramid shape for hanging.

Glue the two records together.

Volia! Now you have a super cute mobile for any music lover!

You can decorate your mobile with anything you want! The possibilities are endless!!!


  1. Excellent idea for the records and cd’s, though I would probably leave the cassettes out. What to do with 8 tracks? *grin*

  2. an awsome craft…..shahnaz…kuwait

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