Minty Gift Poem

Perfect for a kids craft idea - this minty gift poem will leave a smile on the lips of everyone who gets it!

Minty Gift Poem

What you need

Bag of Minty Sweets


Place some mints into a bag. Either wrap them up in a gift bag or a cellophane bag and attach this poem to it.

I “mint” to call and thank you
but I couldn’t find a quarter

I”mint” to send you flowers
but my mind was out of order

I ” Mint” to stop and see you
but the day came to an end

I “Mint” to try much harder

love and mints.

Image Source: Attribution Some rights reserved by AMagill

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  1. Cute! Cute! Cute!

  2. Oh this is soo cute!!!!

  3. nice idea

  4. kool

  5. My friend’s nickname is minty so i gave this to her for a xmas present…SHE LOVED IT!

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