Medieval Love Token

In the days when knights were brave and ladies fair, a token was given to the gentleman in question to carry "into battle" to remind him of his love waiting at home. Make a similar love token using Aida band.

Medieval Love Token

What you need

Aida Band


To copy this idea, you need a length of Aida band, any count (choose 14 or 18 count depending on how good you are at stitching) to about 18 inches in length.

Pick a romantic emblem from one of your favourite patterns and work this on the band. You can even choose a symbol that has some meaning to both of you, or stitch a romantic verse on the band.

Cross stitch or black stitch work best. If you really want to go all out, add some metallic thread to the piece or even some seed pearls.

Join the two ends of the band together using a french seam when it is finished. Print a small card explaining the significance of the medieval favour for your love.

Quick, easy, and oh so romantic.

PS: Don’t forget to sign and date the work ( unlike a valentine card)

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  1. Silelena says:

    A little vauge but interesting

  2. go to a search engine and type aida band… for people who are crafty you need to be more resourseful

  3. it seems so very romantic..yet i have to see the band so i could have an idea how to make it..

  4. It’s an awesome idea! I’m going to make one for my husband who is getting ready to be deployed to Iraq. Thanks for the craft!

  5. Aida band?

  6. A romantic token indeed, just like the custom of the groom wearing a matching flower from the brides boquet, this is going back to a knight wearing his lady’s colours.

    Giraffe Baby

  7. what the heck is an aida band?

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