Magic Wishing Stones

This little project is great for teachers gifts, Mother's day presents and much more. Simply finish it off by placing into a nice bag and attaching a tag.

Magic Wishing Stones

What you need

Little Rocks
Plastic Bag or some kind of little bag.
A note with the words below


1. Collect little rocks and wash them so they are nice and clean. (collect enough so that there are enough for at least 5 wishes).

2.  Put the rocks in a bag and add a note that says…

magic rocks

Every rock is meant for 1 wish only.

When you make a wish hold the rock in your hand and close to your heart.

Make a wish in your head then close your eyes and throw it far away.

(making wishes should be outside).

Have fun!

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  1. What a great idea. Easy to get the materials needed, and very meaning full!!

  2. this was a cute project!

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