Macrame Picture Holder

Place and display photos in this DIY Macrame Hangar!

Macrame Picture Holder

What you need

59 yards (54mt) 0.2 inches(5mm) Polypropylene
3 x 4 inch (10cm) rings
8 x medium round beads
2 lengths 0.3 inch (7mm) dowel approx 12 inch (30cm) in length


Cut 16 cords each 3.6 yards (3.30mt) long.

1 cord 1.3 yards (1.2mt) long separate ; into 3 single plys to bind 3 rings.

Bind each ring and set aside.

At their mid-point, mount all cords to dowel using Larks Head Knot. Pin project to Macrame Board.

TIP: For added effect, tie right hand knots on right side and left hand knots on left side of project throughout. Step 1: Working in groups of 4 cords, tie 2 rows of Alternate Square Knots.

Step 2: Number cords left to right from 1 to 32.

Step 3: Tie 1 Square Knot with cords 1 to 4, 5 to 8, 9 to 12 then 21 to 24, 25 to 28 and 29 to 32.

Step 4: Working with cords 1 to 10 then 23 to 32 only, tie 7 rows of Alternate Square Knots with each panel.

Step 5: Place one bound ring on centre cords and Double Half Hitch cords 15, 16, 17 and 18 over ring at top and again at bottom of ring.

Step 6: Cords 11 to 14 then 19 to 22 fall straight down behind the ring.

N.B.: Correct tension will bring side panels level with bottom of ring.

Step 7: With all cords, tie 1 row of Alternate Square Knots straight across beneath the ring.

Step 8: Place a bead on cords 1 and 32 then tie 3 rows of Alternate Square Knots.

Step 9: Repeat Steps, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 twice and add beads first repeat only.

Step 10: Double Half Hitch cords to dowel, trim to 15cm fray then brush out. Or shape to a point if preferred.

Step 11: Glue a bead on each end of both dowel rods.

Step 12: Make a hanging strap using longest cord from off cuts. Knot each end to dowel. Add 4 (off cuts) 20cm lengths folded at mid-point and placed over dowel, cover knot. Bind together to form a tassel each side. Use a i metre off cut to bind. Brush out tassels.

To protect photos place a perspex sheet (cut to size 12.5cm) by 9cm through ring in front of photos. Photos may have to be trimmed down to sit flat when in place.

Finished Size: 7 inch (18cm) by 17 inch (43cm) between dowels.

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