Lip Gloss – Cocoa

Make this lip gloss recipe for the cocoa lover!

Lip Gloss – Cocoa

What you need

1/2 tsp of Hot cocoa mix
2 tbs Vaseline/petroleum jelly
Storage Container
Double boiler pan or 2 pans.


Melt the ingredients down using a low heat in a double boiler method. If you do not have a double boiler place a large bowl over the top of a pan of water, let the water heat up until the ingredients in the bowl begin to melt.

Once the ingredients have melted mix together and pour into a suitable container such as an old lip gloss pot or baby food jar or small container.

Let it cool before applying to the lips.


  1. hi does any of you guys have any ideas for my bff and i to sell at our little store? could they be cheap (the materials) and easy to make in big batches? thanks!

  2. It’s making me dream about candy land

  3. Thanks!:)

  4. this is, like, awesome! i’ve never seen anything so cool!

  5. what do u think u can put it in

  6. omg this looks so cool but ihavnt tried it.Do U think i should use a film canister?oh well bye<><

  7. I JUST make this and I tried it but it wasnt cooled off so it wasnt warm or hot it was just gooey and it seemed sandy and I didnt taste anything but I didnt use much so I guess I’ll let it cool and get hard then use it. It seems cool and my friend made it

  8. such a good recipe! my brother had really bad chaped lips, and he hated the smell of vaseline. but when he tried this, he asked me to make some more! do u have any more recipes like this one? it would be great if i could make different flavors!!

  9. Its nice ? Havnt tried it but some better instructions (like how long to melt, how much is a scoop etc. etc.) and i will be willing to. :3 it would be great to make tons and put in like little gift bags or something to give to friends etc. 🙂

  10. I really want to try this, but I was wondering… how much Vaseline constitutes a “scoop?”

  11. i made this and its awsomme!!!!

  12. I tried this craft and the cocoa mix came out gritty

  13. The directions aren’t very clear, but this looks pretty simple and fun.

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