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Knitted Ball – Chunky Chenille Wool

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit your own baby ball soft toy. These balls are great for new baby gifts and baby showers.

Knitted Ball – Chunky Chenille Wool

What you need

Size 15 Knitting needles (10 mm)
Chunky Chenille Wool
Toy Filling/wadding


Cast on 5sts.

Row 1, K1, K twice into the next 3 sts. K1 (8sts)

Row 2, Knit

Row 3, K1, K twice into the next 6 sts. K1 (14sts)

Row 4, Knit

Row 5, K1, K twice into the next 12 sts. K1 (26sts)

Knit 7 Rows

Row 13, K1, (K2 tog) 12 times  (14sts)

Row 14, Knit

Row 15, K1, (K2 tog) 6 times  (8sts)

Row 16, Knit

Row 17, K1, (K2 tog) 3 times – (5sts)

Thread yarn through remaining stitches and secure. (fill with washable toy filling/wadding.) Close up ball with stitches in same wool.

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  1. You can also use a rougher yarn or fishing net for this to make a homemade scratch-er for you kitchen! Works great.

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