Keyboard Cozy

This cozy is there is so you can type on a soft keyboard.

Keyboard Cozy

What you need

Colored felt
Glue/double sided tape
Marker/pen (different color than felt)


You can make it two ways. The second one is little more difficult than the first.

First Way

Cut felt the size of keyboard

Lay felt over keyboard and draw with marker all the keys.

Write each letter number etc. on each key place.

Put the glue/double sided tape on the keyboard. Make sure you get all of the keys.

Place felt on keyboard. if glue used let dry for about a day.

Second Way

Do the first three steps of first way

Cut out each individual key.

Put a dot of glue or a piece of double sided tape on each key.

Place each piece of felt on each key. If glue used let dry for about a day.

Enjoy typing with your softer keys!


  1. great project now i am cozy when i type

  2. hahahaha this is sooo silly and useless i cant believe its on the site!!

  3. that would make my keyboard look really wierd.

  4. This is is so silly

  5. great idea just to keep the dust out of keyboard when not in use. lots of possibilities. Thsnks so much.

  6. Crazy, mad idea, I lik it!

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