Kasbah Beaded Scarf

Kasbah Beaded Scarf

What you need

Fabric Scarf
pair of dangle earrings
assorted beads
Jewelry wire
Embroidery thread


This projects shows you how to up-cycle a plain store bought scarf into a statement piece that looks like a necklace.

You can use a store bought scarf or if you want you can use a length of fabric that you have hemmed to create a thin scarf suitable for this project.

Start by taking your dangle earrings and attaching a length of wire to them, you will need to remove the ear hook and just use the loop. Once your wire is attached, thread your coordinating beads onto the wire lengths in your desired style.

Next take your scarf and tie a knot at either end. Then thread your wire into the knot, depeding on your scarf you should be able to push the wire through the scarf fabric to make it very secure. Bring the wire end back down and twist back onto itself to create a tight secure hold.

Using embroidery thread cover up the twisted wire top and secure with knots.

You need to do this for both sides.



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  1. These will be my Christmas gifts this year. Selling for at least $20 in shops.

  2. This is amazing and pure genius! :P When I think of it, i actually do have a lot of scarves that can be used for something very useful like this :D

  3. Really love this. I love scarves and this would really jazz them up. Thanks!

  4. Amazing…very creative…looks great!
    Thanks you! ;)

  5. I just love your scraf with the beads. Wonderful.

  6. what a great idea! i love it!

  7. pennyjo1947 says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous!!! Very creative. Can’t wait to make one, may give them as Christmas gifts this year!! Thanks for a wonderful idea.

  8. absolutely love this idea! haven’t tried it yet but it sounds so easy, even i can do it…it’s very stylish and great for casual work days…thanks!!!

  9. That’s preety cool! I like how you can mix and match colors.
    Thanks! :D

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