Jazzing Up A Candle

Learn a simple technique to add decorative elements to your candles

Jazzing Up A Candle

What you need

Store bought plain candles of any color

Fabric paints in suitable colors


How to begin.

Using a free hand painting style. Apply dot’s and squiggles of fabric paint onto your candle.

Using gold is a great way to begin.

Apply a decorative gold border to the top or bottom of any plain candle to give it a nice classic feel.

If you make a mistake wait for the paint to dry and carefully peel it off and start again.


  1. i have made and given as gifts.

  2. I love it, think its fab, going to try to make this.

  3. Making candles this way is great becaus it’s , cheap, not that messy, and does not take as long as it would to make hand made candles.

  4. these seem really cool i cant wait to try them

  5. These sold fabulously at our school craft show !!!!!!! I am just scared on how they burn because I do not want to burn down houses!

  6. Wonder how these burn? Would the paint be a hazard? I have so many ideas running through my head after reading this.

  7. you know,this idea would be good for vases and sunglasses too!

  8. I never thought to use fabric paint. These are an easy gift for cent sales and school fund-raisers.

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