ipod/Mobile Hoodie

A hoodie for your ipod or mobile? You can make it with this knitted pattern!

ipod/Mobile Hoodie

What you need

8ply yarn
size 3.25mm knitting needles


Cast on 22sts.

* Purl 3, place marker, p4, place marker, p8, place marker, p4, place marker, p3
* Knit row, increasing once into stitch before and after the markers
* Purl row
* Repeat the last 2 rows until there are 10 sts before the 1st marker, ending with a purl row
* Knit to 1st marker and place sleeve stitches on spare yarn, knit back section and place 2nd sleeve sts on yarn, finish row. There should now be 42 sts.

* Work in stocking stitch until body measures 10cm ending with a purl row.
* (K2tog, p1) across the whole row and continue for 2cm before casting off the sts.
* Rejoin the yarn to the sleeve sts, and work in stocking st for 8cm.
* (K2tog, p1) across the whole row and continue for 2cm before casting off the sts.
* Hood – with right side facing, pick up 22 sts around neck edge, and stocking stitch for 7cm. Cast off
* Join hood seam.

* With right side facing and using novelty yarn, pick up 64 sts around front edge of jacket, and knit about 2 or 3 rows. Cast off.
* Sew sleeve seams. Sew the bottom of the jacket closed (to create the bag), and sew half way up the front opening.

* Finally, stitch the bottom of the sleeves to the body, to stop them from flopping around!

This project was contributed by Linda

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  1. can anyone translate in german, please ?
    greets from germany

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