Ice Cream Soda

This Icecream Float is made using a pink wax and a frothy topping, but you can use whatever color you want to make different colored soda

Ice Cream Soda

What you need

Icecream Soda Glass
Basic Candle Making Supplies


Making whipped wax for decorative candles is rather simple when you know how and it can turn a candle into something spectacular.

When making your whipping wax add a little extra Stearine.

I have also added a little corn flour for a whiter look. But you need to be careful as sometimes it lumps.

Allow the melted wax to skim over and form a top layer crust, then using your egg whisk, beat up the wax to form a frothy mix.

Spoon it onto your candle and allow it to set.

To learn how to make candles check out our Basic Candle Making Instructions

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  1. Great for deco and kids rooms

  2. This sounds like a good project, but you could be more elaborate.


  4. I think this is a great candle making idea. It looks real!

  5. Otterkitty says:

    I made this for my brother’s b-day! he loved it.!!

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