Hymn Book Angel

This project shows you how to convert a recycled or re-purposed book into a beautiful paper angel.

Hymn Book Angel

What you need

Ariel Air Freshener Doll Head or large wooden bead for head.
Hymn book
Ribbons and Lace


Remove couple of pages of music pages and glue to the inside of front and back hardback cover.

Fold rest of pages by folding top right corner down to middle of book.

Take the doll head and remove the arms.

Trim off body leaving a small strip in front and back of the doll body.

Glue this to a small craft-stick, like the one ice-cream comes on.

Glue this down into the hole at top of book behind the pages. Cut hole in center of material and place over doll head. Gather around the neck.

Take the arms and form sleeves from a fold in the material and sew in place, or glue in place.

You can also make the sleeves from extra material and then glue under the dress material to the book.

Glue the wide lace to pages at the bottom where the page is folded.

Glue smaller lace all around the edge and top of the hardback cover.

At this point you can add the flowers, bows, bells or any other embellishment you desire.

Glue the Bible or other small book to her hands.

angel in hymn book


  1. the project is great and easy. if the book is old and out dated it is a great use. what else would you do with them when new ones are purchased. better than throwing them away or putting them in storage.

  2. do not like ruining books especially hymn books.

  3. Have seen Pa,-made version, much simpler and prettier…no lace. Head was florist foam covered in another page, glazed with gold, fixed into binding with a bulb stake also from florist shop.

  4. The picture is not very clear. Would like to be able to zoom in on it to see details.

  5. I would like to make this,Need clearer picture on it.need more instructions on it. I love angels

  6. Love Angels so this is a great idea…but need more specific instructions and a clearer picture

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