Herbal Bath – Skin toning

This wonderful herbal soak is ideal for toning the skin.

Herbal Bath – Skin toning

What you need

1 Cup Chamomile
1/4 Cup Lavender
1/4 Cup Lemon Peel
1/2 Cup Peppermint
1/4 Cup Rose hips, Crushed
1/4 Cup Rosemary
1/4 Cup Sage


Place all the herbs into the bath tub and swill around the water. Alternatively you can wrap the herbs in a square of muslin fabric tied with some cord. Then drop the herb filled bundle directly into the water.

Soak in the bath for around 15 mins.

This mix also makes a wonderful gift, wrapped up in a decorative jar or basket.

Makes enough mix for 2-3 strong baths or use it in smaller does for more sensitive noses.

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