Hat Band

Hat Band

What you need



STEP ONE: Add one seed bead and one bugle one seed bead and one bugle, continue to add in this order until your string of beads and bugles goes totally around the base of the hat easily, then continue on to step two.

STEP TWO: After you have the total length you need go back through all the beads to form a circle and tie off to tail.

STEP THREE: Go through on seed bead and add 5 seed beads one bugle and 5 seed beads and go through next seed bead in the previous row. Continue to do this all the way around the previous row then go on to step three.

STEP FOUR: Go through bugle of previous round add one seed bead one bugle one seed bead one bulge one seed bead and go back through previous bugle and add two seed beads and go through next bugle in previous row. Continue the above step until finished row then tie off and test your new hat band.

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  1. wait what is a hat band?

  2. Picture is to small and blurry.

  3. Need a much better, bigger picture of this project to even think about doing it.

  4. cute!

  5. picture is way too small. cannot see what the finished piece looks like.

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