Halloween Ghost Necklace

Bend a hairpin into a halloween ghost necklace.

Halloween Ghost Necklace

What you need

White Craft Glue (PVA)
plastic lid
Hairpin or Bobby pin
White Glitter
Black Sharpie Marker


First to start I am sorry I don’t have any pictures.

1. Bend the hairpin (looking like a ghost). Then tie string on the top.

2. Put the hairpin on the plastic lid. Use glue to fill in the hairpin. Set on flat surface to dry.

3. When dry draw a face on your ghost and put on to wear!


  1. sheila seaman says:

    PHOTO? Whats it suppose to look like?

  2. Please, please, please get a picture of this craft. I’m a visual learner and could really use one.

  3. This project REALLY needs a picture. Unfortunately, the instructions are really useless without a picture. I have no idea how the hairpin should be bent, how it should be glued to the lid, how big the lid should be, where to draw the face, etc. It may be an adorable craft, but PLEASE get a picture up here!


  4. I remember making these as a kid. They’re awesome and so darn easy.

  5. This is terrible, I have no idea what this is supposed to look like! Need a photo.

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