Gold Fish Bowl Centrepiece

Gold Fish Bowl Centrepiece

What you need

Little goldfish bowls
Nice marbles.
Goldfish and water


This living centrepiece is perfect for beach theme parties.

Fill the goldfish bowl bottom with marbles. Add the goldfish and water.

You can get as fancy as you want with adding a ring of flowers or greenery at the base or keep them plain and simple.

Try adding colored rocks to suit your party color scheme.

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  1. sounds good..but has to be well planned…if lit up awesome, going back to pet store or garden pond great idea….goldfish do not do well in bowls..I bought 29cent ones for pond they grew huge and beautiful …unfortunately a crane was lunching on them….pond has not been re-fished …I have netting ordered so birds wont eat my fish….they were just so lovely…
    May I say to person who said it was cruel to keep cats inside? I have one we found abandoned she wont go out, 2 others inside too, why ?because my lovely tame, neutered boy cats disappeared from front of house! they always came when called…I will keep my furbabies close..I still miss my boys!!

  2. I wouldn’t FILL the bowl with marbles as there is nowhere for your fish to swim!

  3. i’m really sorry but this is just not ok. would be gorgeous if you had the ability to carve goldfish out of carrots, (or like someone said they would make them out of beads–nice.) but hey…if no one takes them home (and let’s face it–how can you verify the sobriety or level of responsibility of anyone who leaves a party?) what do you do? flush them down the toilet?

    and to the person who mentioned that bridesmaids and groomsmen are living ornaments….well, sweetheart, at least they have some say in what happens to them after the party’s over. get a clue.

    only one star because that’s the lowest rating option there is.


  5. As someone who works in a pet store….I always ask several questions about the environment the fish is going into…and as soon as I hear the word “centerpiece”…game over. I won’t let a living creature go through all that stress just so someone can have a decoration. Real bad idea! :(

  6. I think this is an interesting idea(:

    Oh and FYI those of you who keep saying it is cruel to keep them in an unfiltered bowl I have two goldfish who live comfortably in a regular goldfish bowl and some treated tap water.
    I clean their tank once a week and they get feed twice a day they have no problems and seem to be perfectly content.

    Also we’ve had plenty of goldfish before who lived in bowls and they all lived very long life spans (6+ years)

    so hush about this cruelty crap

  7. I think this is an awesome idea, i think ima end up doing this for my baby shower.. My little cousin is wanting a fish so i can just give her the fish after the party is done, even though i have a 10 gallon fish tank with tropical fish.

  8. Goldfish don’t belong in bowls. They need a proper tank with good filtration. Bettas would be much better for this project, as long as the bowl was about a gallon.

  9. Great idea, i know i’ll be using this. and FYI people…its a GOLD FISH FFS now get your leather shoes off the coffee table whilst you eat your steak/pork/chicken. :)

    Some people have a place for those fish and take them gladly so please think before you post empty headed drivel.

  10. My best friend had betta fish in bowls as her centerpieces in her wedding and they were a HUGE hit. People were fighting over them! They had colorful stone in the bottom and also a tiny light that flashed different colors. They were beautiful. I even designed the DJ and bartender’s tip jars with painted stained glass betta designs. She is a big fish enthusiast so she made sure they had the proper water and food, etc. As a matter of fact, the whole wedding was televised on the Style Network show “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?”

  11. really people? “goldfish are living things, not party decorations”..well flowers are living things as well but you don’t hear people saying how we rip them out of their homes…and i mean literally…so how about this,keep the whole “bowls are a cruel way to house goldfish” comments to your self because really,it’s not like if they’re saying to eat the damn thing or torture it…it’s an inexpensive beautiful and creative way on a center piece and all of you people saying it’s wrong blew this all out of proportion….how about you go and preach about “animal cruelty” to people who actually do it.

  12. JillOfAllTradesJR says:

    I agree- don’t be so harsh people! We did this at our wedding 4 years ago, only we used Beta fish. We put the fish on every other table- and we had plenty of people asking to take them home. People tell me all the time how cool it was, and lots of the fish are still alive today. Also- you can get pretty bowls (as temporary housing- as in- just one day) at the dollar tree- they’re on the candle isle. Be sure to clean and rinse them well- you don’t want to make you fish sick.

  13. you guys shouldn’t say such bad things about this!!!The people at the wedding won’t force the people to take them home. besides, all the people who dok this are probably expecting a lot of returns. And it’s not like the fish are going to stay there for they’re whole lives! and if you don’t like these ideas then just don’t popst comments.


  14. estrellaluna89 says:

    Very interresting idea but i think beta fish are better they are more colorfull and only need to be feed twice a day, so assign a responsible person to do the feeding bc i know for fact the bride wnt do it…lol …&& gold fish are harder to maintain

  15. Great idea.
    Its about as cruel as keeping a pet cat indoors. Where would you keep a goldfish if not in its tank? A sewer? I always considered bridesmaids and groomsmen just decorations during the ceremony because they offer nothing to it. Should we do away with those as well because they are living? Along with all the plants that died to make the day possible?

    I wouldn’t consider this idea cruel by far unless you don’t attempt to learn how to take care of the pet. I don’t know what world these brainwashed dopes come from, probably peta, but this is a great way to incorporate water into the party and keep people interested in their table. If i have my wedding indoors i will do it as we are having a half pirate themed wedding. Adding little pirate ships and treasure chests inside would be awesome. I’ve been trying to figure how i wanted to add rubber duckies to the party and this helped.

  16. Animals as a party decoration? I hope you’re kidding me.

    This gets a 0*, not the one 1* I had no choice but to give.

  17. I think this idea is excellent for those who have good knowlegde and experience on how to keep fish. As a massive animal lover myself (and years of keeping cold water fish), I may do this for my wedding. The only way people would frown upon it is the fish were clear;y suffering or they were thrown down the toilet at the end of they day. I am planning on getting a really nice, big fish tank to put the fish into our marrital home. This will be a lasting memory of our special day and a sentiment to how well treated they had been on the day. IT’S ONLY CRUE IF IT’S A WHIM, A LOT OF PREPARATION AND CARE NEEDS TO GO INTO KEEPING THE FISH WELL ON THE DAY AND AFTERWARDS.

  18. pretty horrible project- goldfish are living things, not party decorations

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