Gift Tag Decoration Idea

Finish off a home made gift with decorative papers for a personal feel. Always remember the packaging is what they see first and it really does count.

Gift Tag Decoration Idea

What you need

Christmas Wrapping Paper
Craft or paper Glue
Hole punch


Using glue, stick large sheets of foil or wrapping paper together back to back so the print is on both sides.

Trace some Christmas shapes on to the paper using a pen or pencil. You can cut shapes of stars, Santa, snowflake and stockings. If you can’t draw then cut around some shaped gift tags or use some cookie cutter shapes as a template.

Use a hole punch to punch holes into every cut out shape. Use the cord to thread the shapes onto your present and tie a knot at the end.

Large bunches of these look great as present toppers instead of ribbon bows.


  1. Thanks for the tips. LLMcD

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