DIY Gel Pack

This project shows you how to make your own gel pack which can be used for aches and pains or for chilling stuff in your cooler.

DIY Gel Pack

What you need

3 parts water
1 part rubbing alcohol

Snap lock bag or heat sealed bags
Blue food coloring


Ideally a heat sealer would complete this project but you can make it using strong plastic sealable bags.

Pour the water and alcohol and blue food coloring into a bag.

Seal that bag before adding another bag and sealing that one.

The way it works is that the alcohol will not freeze leaving you with a smushy frozen gel pack.

NOTE: Tint it with the dye as to avoid accidental consumption.


  1. This is a great thing! I would have liked to know about this sooner. I spent 50 plus dollars on my 6 yr old last year for her broken arm! Now it’s time to do a demonstration speech and I think this will work nicely considering I’m in college and there are older people in my class! lol

  2. y do u have to use rubbing alcohol?

  3. Wow, great idea! xx

  4. c_chartier says:

    Thanks for posting this! I just got my wisdom teeth out and needed some cold packs but they are a bit pricey at the store. Thanks again!

  5. Excellent–I working in a rehap facility and did this a craft for the clients and made little covers for the packs
    Maybe a good craft fair item.

  6. Excellent idea! I’m going to make a bunch for the physical education department of the school I work at!

  7. I make these for when I had migraines. It works pretty well! Cool craft (har!) 😉
    It is nice to be able to make them in gallon ziplocks, you can’t find ready made gel packs in that size;

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