Embroided Funky Pen

Embroidery your pen with funky beads to create a personal pen that is one of a kind.

Embroided Funky Pen

What you need

1 Pen
Embroidery thread
Craft glue
Thin wire


Take the pen and the embroidery thread. Dip the thread in the glue and glue it on the top of the pen (not the ink end). Wrap thread around the pen, don’t leave spaces between wraps.

You may change colors of thread. Do this repeatedly until your pen is all covered.

Take the wire and cut 4 or more strips of wire about 3 cm each. You than need to put the wire through the thread. Twist the wire leaving a loop at the top and add the beads, I suggest 2 beads on each wire.

Then take the wire and loop it in to the bottom of the beads forming a loop. Do that repeatedly until you are happy with the amount of beads on the pen. Beads and wire look somewhat like a figure eight hanging from the pen.

Note: We have changed the contributed instructions on this pen to make it easier for our members to understand. We made this pen using lengths of wire, bending a small loop at one end and threading the beads onto the wire and closing the open end off with a loop . Twist the wire onto the pen and bind with the embroidery thread. – Craftbits

Submitted by Sara (hockeystar29).

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  1. Yeh Not the best but Still very good! :D

  2. You can also cover the pens with floral tape and glue a silk flower to the top.

  3. Intresting…but awesome.:D

  4. Its okay but it looks weird.

  5. sorry but wierd

  6. its looks weird…..

  7. wow tha t pen looks so amazing

  8. it’s ok but to be truthful i’ve seen cooler. it still looks cool so don’t be disapointed

  9. i dont like it sorry..its the only thing i dont like on this website

  10. whats the point in it any ways the ink is going to run out then all your hard work is runed

  11. it’s cute..


  13. thank you great idea!!

  14. its pretty kool its really fun to make!!

  15. cool and funky

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