Funky Lamp Shade

This is a really fun, and easy craft, and it is great for a teens bedroom!

Funky Lamp Shade

What you need

Lamp, hat, glow stick bracelets, ribbon (or any type of string),and stapler (with staples)


First you staple pieces of ribbon (or string)  all along the bill of the hat. Space them out evenly.

Then tie on the  glow stick bracelets, try to tie them up closer to the bill of the hat.

Finally cut off all of the extra ribbon (or string), and place the hat on your lamp!

There you have it! Funky, and fresh! When the glow stick bracelets loose their glow, don’t freak! They still have their color to them, and they look great.



  1. I am wondering if this is safe…can’t the hat on the lamp get too hot and cause a fire?

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