Friendship Bracelet

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Friendship Bracelet

What you need

Embroidery thread in various colors
Piece of cardboard


Using a piece of a cardboard box or the back of a notebook, make a board to hold your thread.

Cut half-inch slits along the bottom of the cardboard and one at the top of the cardboard in the middle.

Take 4 threads of equal length (about 18 inches) and tie them together at the top.

You can make your bracelet wider by using more threads.

Place the knot through the slit at the top of the cardboard and place each individual thread in the slits at the bottom of the cardboard.

The order that you line up your thread is the order in which they will appear in the bracelet.

Start with the thread furthest to the left, place it over the thread next to it in the shape of a “4”.

Then, bring it under that thread and pull it through. Do this twice.

Continue making the “4”-shaped knot over the rest of the threads until the thread that was originally on the left is now on the right.

Now repeat the steps above, always starting with the first string on the left.

Remember to leave enough extra thread so that you can tie it.

When you’re done, you can wear it around your wrist.

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  1. I have made these before and they come out awesome. I really recommend this project

  2. i love making these so much, but a pic would b helpful 4 people who’ve never done it before

  3. Instructions are confusing

  4. maxine@:D says:

    this is called ”the candy stripe” and is just diagonal stripes of coloures.

  5. coooolllllll!!!!!!

  6. nt cool .

  7. picture would be helpful

  8. soundss awesommme butt a picture of it wouldd be good so i dnt thinkk im gonna botha to do it but thanks anyway

  9. Lil' Miss Craftyness says:

    I love making these! thanks for sharing!

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