Flower Hair Pin

Flower Hair Pin

What you need

craft foam
beading needle and thread
hot glue


Not your typical flower. This glittery, glamorous hair accessory will wow everyone. They’ll all be bugging you to make them one!

1. Cut out two(2) flower shapes from the foam.
2. Follow the template below, take one flower shape and sew on the sequin or beads in the middle first.
3. Sew on the beads around the rim of the petals next. You can sew about three beads on at a time.
4. Sew on the sequins. Start in the middle and overlap them slightly and evenly space them all the way to the end of the petal.
5. Pierce two tiny holes (about 2 cm apart) in the second flower foam shape, insert a bobbi-pin through them.
6. Hot glue the flower shapes together so that one side is the beads and sequins and the other is the bobbi-pin. Let it cool and then you can wear it!

This project was contributed Eleanor Partridge from Stylish Crafts

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  1. Clear instructions made it easy to do. Thankyou

  2. i love the craft ideas they are very wonderful ideas. i use these for my own crafts

  3. this is a wonderful hair pin i love it

  4. I wouldn’t put it in my hair but would keep the flower for decoration. NICE

  5. my kid loved it!

  6. nice!

  7. looks good

  8. confusing

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