Fake Rock Keychain

This fake rock is so easy to make and has hundreds of different uses. For this project we turned our rock into a keychain.

Fake Rock Keychain

What you need

Chunky Foam
Marble Spray Paint
Key chain


This project uses marble paint that comes in a spray can and is available from your hardware store. If you can not find the marble spray paint then use a grey stone paint and sponge the other textures onto the stone using black and white until it looks like a rock.

Take your piece of foam and using some scissors cut it into a rock like chunk. Spray the foam using the spray paint. Allow it to dry and give it a second or third coat if required.

Using a skewer push a hole into the rock to form the hole for the keychain. Thread the chain through the hole and clip it back onto the chain to form a loop/knot as shown in the picture.

You can recycle old foam from mattresses or chairs to reduce the cost of this project.

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  1. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    Krylon is a great brand for craft spray paints

  2. Hi! Since I’m from Sweden I need to know the brand of the marble spray paint. Couldn’t find any at the hardware store. PLEASE HELP!!! :)

  3. Used this in a drama assessment when I had to kill somebody with a rock. At first my friend refused to do it because she was convinced it was real!

  4. luv it

  5. Kute i luv it

  6. i’ll give one to a friend as a present

  7. purplemittens says:


  8. very creative me like it

  9. LOVE IT!!! I had a fake rock as a kid that looked just like this, but was purchased in a store. It was neat because it looked real. Now I can make my own for kids I know to play with. Could make fun building blocks! THANKS FOR THE IDEA!! -KC


  11. Great project . I’ll use this 1 with the kids .ty

  12. Neat!

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