Facial Mask – Cucumber, Apple And Mint

This one sounds like a cocktail but it's the perfect cleanser as it blends natural products to cleanse your skin. Cucumber for cleansing, apple for repairing damaged skin and mint for antibacterial properties.

Facial Mask – Cucumber, Apple And Mint

What you need

1/2 cucumber
1 egg white
1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon of apple juice
20 mint leaves


Combine all the ingredients into a food processor and blend until well mixed.

Place it into a cool fridge for 30 mins and then apply the mask to the face and leave on for 30 mins.

Save a few slices of cucumber for your eyes and find a quiet place to relax for 30 mins.

Then rinse off with warm water.

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  1. is it ok to use mint extract instead of mint leaves?

  2. can you use mint extract instead of mint leaves?

  3. haven’t tried it but i think it will work

  4. i liked it!

  5. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    Fresh is always best, but dried would be ok to.

  6. should the mint leaves be fresh or is it OK if they are dry?

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