Elf Poop (With Poem)

This Elf poop, with poem, is a great gag Christmas craft for holiday time. You can use colored candy to represent the poop.

Elf Poop (With Poem)

What you need

Coloured Gum Drops or smarties


You can place the Elf poop into simple plastic bags or into organza gift bags and attach a tag.

Elf Poop Poem

I hear you’ve been naughty,

So listen, here’s the scoop

I’m running short on coal this year,

So you get a pile of “Elf Poop”


  1. Thank you so much!! Laughter is the best medicine. And man do I feel better. I can not wait to put elf poop under my kids elf on the shelf. Awesome way to remind them to be good. lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i know what my sis is gettin 4 xmas!

  3. I’m not opposed to the ‘poop’ thing (really people, you think ‘poop’ needs to be censored for children? Seriously? What do you call poop in your household? Faeces? Poop is one of the most child-friendly terms. There are much worse words they could be using for it). But I am opposed to the idea that throwing a bunch of smarties or gumdrops in a little bag is classified as ‘craft’.

    And to the person who said they think Jesus would say Christmas isn’t all about him… I suggest you take another look at the word CHRISTmas. Duh. Of course Jesus wouldn’t be opposed to an elf poop present, he’s got a sense of humour, but Christmas is about him. Use your brains, people. Christmas is a christian celebration about Christ’s birth.

  4. wierd

  5. that’s a EXCELENT POEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. best gift ever especially for younger boys

  7. i thought this idea was really cool. im a bit old for it tho, but seriously ppl. chritmas is a time of giving love and not nessecerily ‘giving poop’ as someone said but it is such a great laugh, expecially for less religious ppl who just like the present part if christmas because there are sales on. and its good for kids, who do love poo jokes. and what kids on go websites in their spare time anyway???

  8. Poop is ALWAYS FUNNY!
    And this project is cute!
    Anybody who doesn’t think this is fun for kids,
    must not have any kids! Lighten up lady! Gheeze!

  9. ha ha!

  10. I give snowman poop to different people every year (miniature marshmallows)… My kids want to ‘elf’ their friends this year – kinda like ghosting at Halloween, so they’ll be excited about making/giving the elf poop. :0)

  11. Sense im only ten years old, i that maybe i could make cool christams gifts for my family.So i found this site and i thought that this craft would be cool for my little cuzins.

  12. Maybe those without a sense of humour shouls eat some elf poop and k
    lighten up! I love the idea and yes, I’m a daycare mum!

  13. CariMargaret says:

    My children love these type of things, and as a daycare provider I also do this with different things: chocolate covered raisins as reindeer poop, malt balls as elf poop, marshmallows as snowman poop. This is a very cute idea and puts a smile on everyone who reads the little cards attached. I even leave them lying on the counter at holiday celebrations for people.

  14. I think it’s great….some of the comments just go to show that the biggest problem in today’s world in NO SENSE of HUMOR!!!! Life is short, have fun and laugh as much as you can. Love it!!! P.S. I have 5 children and poop is the funniest thing ever!

  15. elf poop is delicous

  16. I think this is actually a very bad example to kids as they might start saying poop is funny when actually it isn’t.

  17. lol funnyfunnyfunny

  18. We’ve been making bags of snowman poop for a long time! (miniature marshmallows in a baggy). This is a terrific addition.

  19. hey im only 11 and i come here! now i know what my brothers getting for christmas.

  20. this was a great progect

  21. Call me crazy, but kids get a bigger kick out of “poop” than adults! And it’s not REAL poop! I love it! Super cute! =)

  22. “kids could be on this website! omg!”
    really? kids poop too. as do you, your dog, cat, fish, mom, dad, brother, sister.. you get the idea. poop’s funny. ESPECIALLY to a little kid. next to fart jokes, poop jokes are the simplest way to make a kid laugh. 🙂

  23. ODD THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Some people just have NO sense of humour. Ive made 5 little bags with multi coloured sweets in and ive attatched a note with the poem. Im sure all of my gift recievers will love their elf poop! Thank you for this creative and hilarious craft!

  25. i like the idea. x

  26. Wow… the people on this sight are really serious. I don’t particularly care for this craft but I don’t think it is something too horrible to subject children to! Lighten up folks. The world is serious enough! And EVERYBODY POOPS!

  27. i thought it was cute. all the people who said it was bad maybe you need to laugh a little more at the small stuff merry Christmas!

  28. i am a daycare mum and i do this every year for the kids and they love it so those who think it is bad for them should be there when i give it to them and see there faces

  29. I’ve done this before, but it was snowman poop, and we used cottonballs… Same poem though.

  30. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    Well My mother and I (We run this site together) have very overactive minds and are easily inspired to pick up some glue,paper,fabric etc. And that is where 99% of the projects come from the rest are submitted by members.

  31. This was really weird? How do you think of all these things?

  32. lol

  33. it was so cute-we wrapped choc. covered raisins and peanuts in little white squares of tissue paper, tied the top with colorful rbbon and the poem was attatched to the ribbon. It wasz a great hit!!!!

  34. I gave this to my sister and she cracked up

  35. People give eachother too much ‘poop’ in their actions throughout the year. Give something kinder!

  36. Christmas is a time meant to make happy memories with your family. This is a good idea, and I think Jesus would like it because he likes happy people, and I think he would aqee that Christmas isnt all about him.

  37. this is soooooo pg rated!kids could be on this website!

  38. Love the idea! It’s such a cute little idea. Everybody needs a little giggle once in a while!

  39. its so not cool

  40. cute x] I like ‘reindeer poop’ too.

  41. lol this is one of the best gifts i’ve seen on the internet!!!! this is an awsome website they have exactly what im looking for!

  42. Awsome! I’m def givin this to my Aunt Robyn! Nice!

  43. We are thinking of using this for work. Just a bit something for everyone.

  44. poop supposed little kids were on this site that sets a very bad example but the rest of your stuff is really good!!!

  45. Never heard of elf poop, snowman and pumpin, yes…but never elf. Cute idea, sorry some people dont have a sense of humor. I think that Jesus might just have a little giggle over elf poop! Who doesn’t need a smile these days? LIGHTEN UP or dont comment!

  46. I am going 2 try it

  47. Just too cute…I’m still laughing after reading that poem.

  48. I don’t like the name but the idea is cute.

  49. lol

  50. i gonna give this to my brother

  51. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  52. laugh!i nearly pooped!fantastic idea

  53. Christmas is not for that kind of joke. It’s to remember Jesus’ birth and to give love, not poop.

  54. This is a very cute idea to give for a Christmas gift, and also fun for kids to work on especially if they find anything that has to do with poop hysterically funny, or any other kid that wants to have some fun for this year’s Christmas holiday! Cute!

  55. the elf poop was good it tickled my throught

  56. this is like so cool OMG!!!!

  57. Elf Poop is the best idea! The gum drops play a good role as poop and the poem is very cute!

  58. This is so cute i love it. i am going to do many!! of these and wait to see there expression. its a little something i will add to all my gifts. Way to go!!! 😀

  59. prettybeachgal says:

    lol i love it!!! im def gonna give it to my little bro thx!!!

  60. err-is it meant to be funny-i don’t get it, sorry

  61. bahahahaha!
    that is heelarious!

  62. Cute.

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