Easter Bunny Poop

This free Easter craft project shows you how to make a fun and quick Easter gift. Bunny Poop is a great gag gift!

Easter Bunny Poop

What you need

Small chocolate eggs covered with colored tin foil


Put eggs in a small bag and tie with ribbon and attach the following poem:

I’m running short on eggs this year,

My chickens flew the coop,

I’d give you something better,

But here’s some Bunny Poop!

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  1. Really cute idea.

  2. LOVE this one. Now I know what my Dad is getting on Easter morning.

  3. love it

  4. craftykid101 says:

    thats funny sooooo doin that thanks 4 the idea

  5. dont they like sell those in almost every store during easter

  6. muffin99cat says:


  7. That is a great idea! I am going to give that to my friend. We give each other stuff every holiday. That would be so funny. Ya here you go, this is bunny poop! She has a funny side i think she would make fun of that gift forever! I have to do that!! LOL!

  8. Such A Cute Lil Idea!

  9. lol I have a bunnay, i am SO dooin that
    Darian, age 13

  10. he he thats funny!

  11. Ick nobody would eat it

  12. Its a cute idea, but can be a little gross!!!

  13. cute idea!

  14. great gag just like reindeer poop.

  15. Guest:funny cute ill give it a 5

  16. its funny…..but… people -i.e little kids- might take it the wrong way.

  17. really bad idea!!! very very very awfullllllllllll

  18. WOW

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