Earrings – Beadelle Rhinestone Ball

Earrings – Beadelle Rhinestone Ball

What you need

2 - 10mm Beadelle Rhinestone Balls
2 - 3" Silver Plated HeadPins
2- Gold or Silver Plated Fishhooks

Roundnose Pliers
Wire Cutters


This project shows you how to make these beautiful Rhinestone Ball earrings.


1. Take a head pin and slide the rhinestone ball to the end (headpins come with a flat end that will stop it)

2. Depending on how long you would like your earrings to fall, cut about 1 – 2" of excess headpin. 

3. Use your round nose pliers and bend the very tip of the headpin to make a slight loop. 

4. Hook a fishhook onto your loop and then squeeze to shut the loop completely. 

5. Repeat! 

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