Doll Face String Holder

For this project I used a ready made preemie baby's bonnet but you could knit one up to suit.

Doll Face String Holder

What you need

1 Plastic dolls face
1 Ball of string
Premmie babies bonnet


It should be a bonnet that’s secure at the neck to allow you to open and close it.

Secure a curtain ring to the top of the preemie hat, this will allow you to hang up your string.

Using a large darning needle or nail pierce a hole in the dolls mouth to allow the strong to come out.

Using some strong craft glue secure the plastic head to the front of the premmie bonnet.

Place your string inside and thread the end through the mouth of the head.

Tighten up the bonnet and everything should be nice and secure and ready to use.

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  1. Its not freaky at all, its awesome. Love it. x

  2. Chilisheep says:

    Waaaah!!! This is so freaky… imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing this hanging on youre wall staring at you!! AHHRRGGGGH! *hides behind sofa*

  3. funky, i like it. where do i find a dolls head and bonnet?

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