CupCake Candles

Making whipped wax for decorative candles is rather simple when you know how and it can turn a candle into something spectacular.

CupCake Candles

What you need

Basic Candle Making Supplies
Cupcake molds
cake sprinkles
assorted dyes for cupcakes


For this project we used waxed cupcake cases from the baking department filled them with coloured wax and a wick and then once set added the whipped wax topping.

When making your whipping wax add a little extra stearine.

Allow the melted wax to skim over and form a top layer crust, then using your egg whisk, beat up the wax to form a frothy mix. Spoon it onto your candle and allow it to set.

We finished this candle off with chunks of recycled wax (scraps from pan’s) for a little color. but adding regular food sprinkles looks lovely too.

For a more decorative finish use decorated cupcake cases such as silver or gold. But be sure to remove the paper before burning the candle.

To learn how to make candles check out our
Basic Candle Making Instructions


  1. Hi, I am 13 years old. And i was wondering if the whipped topping really works… i have my own candle making business. And i am always looking for new ideas…but i am low on money so i need to think of cheap-awesome ideas…simple but effective!! Got any ideas?
    Besides the whipped topping.

  2. You can get supplies at any craft store likes Michaels. I have even seen it at my local Dollar store.

  3. i want to know where can i buy candle making supplies.i want to make cupcake candles for bday give aways.Thanks

  4. I didnt like the fact that you didnt list the “basic candle making supplies” in your list.

  5. i made these as favors for my baby shower, they turned out awesome… such a cute idea!!!

  6. cottoncandy2281 says:

    it looks so good i could eat it!!!

  7. Marshmellowmas says:

    its not deformed looking, it looks just fine and looks REALY cOoL

  8. omg this is such a cool candle recipe

  9. looks very deformed.

  10. Very cute!

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