Comfort Smarties

A jar of candies with a poem. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

Comfort Smarties

What you need

Smarties or other small candy
Jar with lid


Decorate the jar to your hearts content. Put the candy inside the jar and write this poem

When the world gets to much
With the noises, people and such
Know that in my heart, I’m thinking of you
So when you need to renew
Take comfort in my sweet present
It will make your day pleasant
or a different poem of you choice

Image submitted by Christy

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  1. Fantastic Idea! Great as a small gift

  2. it’s the thought that counts

  3. Elizabeth23 says:

    I love it, fantastic, because its so true, especially for girls when you are stressed chocolate is thing to turn to…….and it would be relatively cheap

  4. Fantastic idea! :)

  5. I love smarties!!!

    but the poem is a bit boring…

  6. I think this a good homemade gift item.

  7. very cute:)
    wish there were more hints/tips to decorating the jar tho.
    but still fab!

  8. i thought this stunk

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