Coffee Exfoliating Facial

Coffee exfoliating facial that is different yet effective!

Coffee Exfoliating Facial

What you need

5 tbs of almond oil
1 tbs of fine coffee grinds
1 tbs of milk powder


Mix all the ingredients together.

Apply to the face in a gentle circular motion.

Rinse with warm water.


  1. Another option is bakingsoda and water to form a paste, it works just as well-though it doesnt smell like cofee:(

  2. cocoa is good for absorbing oils on the skin

  3. Is this enough for only one facial?

  4. CraftBits (Shellie Wilson) says:

    You could but Iam not sure how good the chocolate will be for your facial pores.

  5. I bet it smells lush!!!!! Do you think you could make a coffee and chocolate one by adding cocoa powder? xx Zoe (age 11)

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