Cinnamon Smellies

Yo! This is how you make a Cinnamon Smelly, invented by Ruby Laraine (moi!):

Cinnamon Smellies

What you need

Cinnamon (obviously! heehee)
Glue (simple craft glue like Elmers, nothing special! NOT gluesticks!!)
Thin Cardboard
Hole Punch (optional)
Ribbon or String (optional)
Christmas Tree (very optional)


Step One:  Mix one part glue with two parts cinnamon. You don’t need much, but I recommend low-quality cinnamon… Stir well!

Step Two:  With the pencil, trace whatever shape you wish your Cinnamon Smelly to be.  Simple shapes, such as a cat head (oval with ears), circle, or star are better (or at least easier) than a complicated sketch of your favorite lake, including all the microscopic organisms and each drop of dust.

Step Three: Cut out the cardboard base, and dip it in the cinnamon/glue mixture.  You may wish to use a fork or something to spread it around; smooth it down.

Step Four: Set in a sunny place to dry.  It may curl up a teeny bit at the edges, depending on what kind of cardboard you used.

Step Five (optional): When it is dry, hole-punch a hole in whatever place works best.  String the ribbon through the hole, and tie to make a sort of loop.  When positioning he hole, note how it hangs.

Step Six (very optional): Hang on a Christmas Tree as an ornament.

Step Seven (if Step Six was not carried out): Find a place to display your creation!! A few ideas: dashboard of your car, leaned on your desk, on a shelf, or tape it to the wall!

Step Eight (very important!!): Sniff. Relax. Enjoy!

You are an amazing being.  Live life well.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!