Christmas Tea Poem

This is a great project for sending to loved ones across the country or overseas.

Christmas Tea Poem

What you need

Pine Cone
Snow paint or white acrylic paint
Wooden Egg cup base
Card stock for poem


This project is perfect for school fetes and fundraisers.

Start by taking your pine cone and gluing it to the wooden egg cup base. If you don’t have a base, glue the pine cone to a block of wood, coaster, or even a recycled spray can lid.

Decorate the tree with white snow paint to make it look like a winter tree. Alternatively you could add wire and beads to look like Christmas tree lights.

Print out the poem and attach it to the pine cone.

On Christmas Day,
At half past three,
Make your self a cup of tea,
I’ll think of you,
You think of me,
Underneath the Christmas tree

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