Christmas PineCone Candle

Add some cinnamon essence for a wonderful Christmas scent.

Christmas PineCone Candle

What you need

Small Decorative Pine Cones
large cylinder candle mold
Basic Candle Making Supplies


For this project you follow the basic candle making rules and using a large cylinder mold add the pine cones for a lovely seasonal effect.

To learn how to make candles check out our Basic Candle Making Instructions

Note: Pine cones are flammable and should be placed in the bottom of the candle away from the flame to avoid a potential accident.


  1. irishcowgirl says:

    VERY neat idea. I love the look, and a winter-y smell added to it would be so nice! I think the last guest to post had a very good idea. Obviously you shouldn’t burn the candle down to the pinecones, but it would be EVEN safer to leave the wick short! (By the way, I have a candle in my kitchen that has fake leaves, orange slices, and cinnamon sticks in it that I BOUGHT from Walmart. If they sell something like this, I can’t see any harm in making one!)

  2. Seems slightly unsafe, but why not just end the wick before the pine cones so that it can’t burn that low if it tried to?

  3. How do you get the pine cones in the bottom of the candle? Do you have to wait for it to set up first?

  4. this very good ideas from the adults and child.can u sebd the daily crafts.

  5. could you use real pine cones??????

  6. wonderful idea, I love it. It’s a brilliant ornament, you just have to watch it closely and keep it somewhere where there is not too many flamable objects. THANKS!!!!

  7. if you’re careful there shouldn’t be much fire risk, JUST DON’T LEAVE IT UNATTENDED!! DUH!

  8. Very good! A little difficult and costly to make, but totally worth it!

  9. Risk of fire with the embedded pine cones.

  10. When making the project put the cones at the bottom…not so that you take it out of the thin wax… just so that when you light your candle it wont catch on fire. When it gets too low make a different one…mabey with dried popery or dried oranges.

  11. i felt that this was a dangerous project. As soon as the candle burns down far enough to light one of the pine cone on fire – the whole thing would catch fire.

  12. Actually, if you do it right the pinecones should be fine. But any type of candle ould cause a house fire, so you should still be careful, but still, just because there is something in the wax, doesn’t mean it totally will, no matter what, catch on fire.


  14. These are lovely..I made some for my upcoming winter wedding, the look fantastic Thanks

  15. Sounds nice…

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