Christmas Paper Garland

A quick and easy craft to do with the kids for Christmas - make a paper garland!

Christmas Paper Garland

What you need

Christmas Wrapping Paper
Craft or paper glue
Hole punch
Long length of colored cord


Using glue stick large sheets of foil or wrapping paper together back to back so the print is on both sides.

Trace some Christmas shapes on to the paper using a pen or pencil. You can cut shapes of stars, Santa, snowflakes and stockings.

If you can’t draw then cut around some shaped gift tags or use some cookie cutter shapes as a stencil.

Use a hole punch to punch holes into every cut out shape. Use the cord to thread the shapes into a garland. Tie a knot at the end.

To help keep them evenly spaced while hanging you may want to glue each shape onto the string to help tack it into place or tie a knot after each shape to stop it slipping further down.

All done!


  1. I think this would be a longer lasting craft if you glued the paper to both sides of cardboard boxes that gifts came in, then cut them out. They wouldn’t curl and would be more sturdy.

  2. soo cute

  3. another good craft to get the kids helping with

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