Christmas Ornament Diffuser

This project is a great way to revamp your Christmas ornaments into fragrance diffusers. The ornament is filled with fragrant oil and the skewers draw up small amounts of the scent to diffuse into your room.

Christmas Ornament Diffuser

What you need

Glass Christmas Ornament
Bottle of fragrant oil
Reed skewers or bamboo bbq skewers


To begin you will need a flat bottomed Christmas glass or metal ornament.

Take the hanger off the top by pulling it out from the ornament.

Fill the ornament with fragrant oil and then place in your reed skewers.

All done!


  1. No matter what difuser I’ve purchsed and it’s been many, they just don’t seem to do their intended job. I have one sitting on my work desk right under my nose and I can NEVER smell it. I think difusers are a waste of money and less reliable than the candle jar melter (my favorite flame free system).

  2. I have tried these several times and just putting fragrant oil in them does not work. It is too thick to be drawn up by the reeds. I have read that adding alcohol will help thin the oil, but haven’t tried it yet.

  3. Clear bottles loose the intensity of the oils, That is why Amber bottles are used with any type of oil, so a solid colored one is great, try and stay away from clear glass—It will last longer 🙂 Happy Holidays

  4. its too hard for me…but i think its a great idea for people who are more advanced!

  5. thats a great idea and inexpensive!

  6. This is a great idea! I couldn’t find ornaments that were flat bottomed, or that didn’t have small cracks in them, so I opted for glass lotion/soap dispensers. They were in the shapes of stars, snowmen, Santas, gift boxes and gingerbread men.

  7. Good reuse of materials, fast & easy.

  8. great i’ll use it 4 my project!!!

  9. I’ve been looking for this craft idea! These are so expensive to buy in stores! I was thinking an old vintage bottle, like the dark blue ones, would work for this also. Or maybe a single-stem flower vase??

  10. I like it! I will try it!

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