Christmas Ball Candle

For this project you use the glass ornament for your mold.

Christmas Ball Candle

What you need

Glass Christmas ball
Tub of sand
Basic candle making supplies


Caution should be taken with this project in case the mold breaks. So wear protective eye wear during the whole process.

You need to have your wax around 170’F For this project and you should warm your glass ball to prevent shattering.

To use the ball as a mold you need to pop off the silver hanger on the top and set the mold down into some sand to keep it upright while pouring.

You can counter sink your wick or add it later using a hot skewer.

These balls look great with whipped wax on top.

Pour a brown candle and pop some whipped white wax on top for plum pudding finish

For a complete instruction sheet on basic candle making check out this link Basic Candle Making Project


  1. This seems a lot more cute with a Christmas poem.

  2. Do you leave the glass ball intact after wax hardens or break and remove it?

  3. Directions were clear and easy to follow. This one is dangerous, though and not somehting I would do with the kidos.

  4. not enough information

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