Chocolate Spoons

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Chocolate Spoons

What you need

Plastic teaspoons
Cooking chocolate
Cellophane bags or wrap


This project is an ideal favor for weddings or parties. It is easy to make and is something functional.

Start by melting down your chocolate as explained on your cooking chocolate packaging. Once you have melted your chocolate, allow it to cool slightly, but remain runny.

Dip your plastic spoons into the melted chocolate. Just the scoop part should be submerged in the chocolate.

Lay the spoons down onto some baking paper and allow to set.

Once they are set, wrap them with the cellophane and tie a ribbon around the handle. These make lovely coffee stir-through’s.

Bunch these up into a decorative mug or teapot to display them on your party tables. Check out our instructions for Candy Spoons

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  1. 1

  2. I have made the white chocolate and peppermint for a friends shower. Added a label and suggested to use with hot tea, cocoa of coffee. They went over very well.

  3. thats sooooo cute ayyy! :)

  4. oooh ! cute x definetly using this as an extra to any gift basket or favour x

  5. I will be making these as my wedding favors along with a piece of biscotti and a coffee bag ( like a teabag only with ground coffee) thanks for all the fab ideas, i am using so many for my upcoming wedding

  6. Great idea!

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