Chocolate Body Mask

This body wrap is the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Simply rub it all over the body, wrap with a towel and relax while your body absorbs all the richness of this wrap leaving your skin, soft, moisturized and cleansed.

Chocolate Body Mask

What you need

375 g Block of cooking chocolate
500 ml of fresh cream
1/2 cup of fresh Milk (optional)


Melt the chocolate down using a double boiler method.

Take it off the heat and stir in the cream.

If your mix is too thick add a little more milk till it is the consistency of a thick spreadable cream.

Allow it to cool to a comfortable warmth for your body.

Rub over your body, wrap yourself in a towel (to maintain the heat) or a silver heat blanket, relax and enjoy.

Rinse off with warm water.

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  1. this sounds nice, but wouldn’t it be a sticky mess? i would rather go to a salon and have someone clean it up for me:)i am pretty lazy

  2. Can this be used for kiddies facials as well


  4. raspberryjell-o says:

    ooh… just like the ones at Hershey Spa! cool, thanks a lot for a satisfying alternative to chocolate cravings.

  5. I’d rather eat the chocolate than smear it everywhere….

  6. This idea is genius! I felt incrediblely relaxed! Thanks!

  7. Very messy and no microwave to heat up. Nothing like the salon but smelt nice.

  8. This was on Brisbane Extra T.V Show as a new spa treatment worth $100s. It left me skin feeling devine

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