Child’s Scarf Hat

A vintage pattern to create a scarf and hat in one for a child.

Child’s Scarf Hat

What you need

Super Crochet Wool in white
1 Ball of green or pink
1 pair No. 12 knitting needles


Measurements To fit average sized head for a small child (older child measurements in brackets).


8 sts. and 12 rows to 1 inch (2.5 cm). Over slightly stretched rib.

W = white C = contrast (green or pink). cast on 132 (148) sts.

With W k. 1 row. Work 31 (35) rows in K.1, P.1 rib

Join C., and k. 1 row. Work 9 (11) rows in k.1, p.1 rib.
These 42 (48) rows form striped rib patt. Rep. patt. once’.

Next row: join W., *k.2 tog.; rep. from * to end: 66 (74) sts.

Cont. in striped patt., beg. with 31 (35) rows in W. rib, until 7th contrast stripe from beg. has been worked.

Next row: with C., *k.2 tog.; rep. from * to end: 33 (37) sts.

Next row: with C., p.1, *p.2 tog.; rep. from * to end. Break off yarn, thread through remaining 17 (19) sts., draw up and secure firmly.


Join seam, matching stripes. Make a tassel 3-4 inch long.

This pattern is a Vintage Pattern that may use vintage terms. This project has not been tested by for accuracy.

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