Can’t Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties

My mother (Rita) gave me this pattern as a "Can't Fail Pattern" to make baby booties. They are very easy!

Can’t Fail Pattern: Easy Baby Booties

What you need

Patons Powder Puff Wool
4mm needles
Yarn Needle


I am useless at knitting due to lack of practice.

It took me 1 hour to make one bootie so they make up fast (even faster if your not a beginner).

Rita is in the process of knitting heaps for the local hospital. I am still yet to knit my second bootie as I got side tracked.

Cast on 20 sts

Garter stitch 10 Rows

Row 11, cast off 4 stitches continue to knit. (16sts)

Row 12, cast off 4 stitches continue to knit (12sts)

Garter stitch 6 Rows

Row 19, K2 tog to end.
Row 20 K2 tog to end.

Thread Yarn Through remaining stitches and draw together and fasten off.

Sew the seams together and thread through ribbon to form the laces. Leave 1/2 an inch at the top of the front seam to allow the foot to slip in easily.

Visit our charity crafts page for listings of groups in your area who collect and donate these knitted items to charity.

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  1. Yay about to try these!!

  2. It was fast and easy and I’m little more than a beginner. The only thing I’m not sure about is which is the right side (RW) and which the wrong side (WS). When you start and the tail of the thread is away from the sharp end of the needle, is the knit closest to you the right side or is the other way round. I’ve tried doing searches, but I’m still confused.

    Oh the size seemed rather small to me too, but I suppose I could just do another set but cast on more stitches?

  3. I can’t find this yarn in my area. Is there another brand similar that I can use?

  4. Molly Thomas says:

    This came out not large enough for a doll. I followed the needle and thread size instructions. Disappointed.

    • In creased the needle size to 7, added 2 stitches at cast on and added two rows after casting off 4 stitches on rows 11 and 12. They look perfect for a newborn now.

  5. What size knitting needles are used? I didn’t see it listed. thank you

  6. Any abbreviations or instructions you don’t understand, you can look up on the computer, i.e. “how to knit two together”, or “what does ssk mean”, etc.

  7. Thank-you so much easy easy easy. Easy to read easy to understan easy to do.

  8. Row 19, K2 tog to end.
    Row 20 K2 tog to end

    can you explain what this means? I want to make sure I do the pattern correctly. I’m new :)

  9. can you explain what

    Row 19, K2 tog to end.
    Row 20 K2 tog to end.

    means? I know you knit 2 together but do I knit each stitch normally till the end?

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