CD Cover Purse

Have lots of old CD's lying around? Get their covers out and make a useful purse!

CD Cover Purse

What you need

CD Booklets -I use 12, but you can use more or less depending on the desired size.
Clear contact paper.
Handles (I have used Ribbon and rope)
Material for lining (if desired)


Layout the cd booklets in the order that you want to assemble them. I use 4 for the front, 4 for the back, and 2 for the sides and bottom.

Once you have them the way that you like, cover them with contact paper. When you are finished you should have 5 pieces that look something like this.

1 ▄ ▄
▀ ▀
2 ■■

3 ■■

4 ■■

5 ▄ ▄
▀ ▀

I use clear nylon thread and a jeans needle. It is also helpful to have some type of gum remover handy as the contact paper will leave a stick residue on your needle that can cause your tread to get stuck and break. I find that keeping a cotton ball with “Goo Gone” on it handy will usually do the trick -just pause every couple of inches and wipe the needle to remove residue.

Using pieces 1 and 2 , lay them wrong sides together and stitch the edges, then lay pieces 2 and 5 wrong sides together and stitch them. At this point you will have a modified U shape.

Lay pieces 5 and 3 wrong sides together and stitch them. You will then have a box shape with one side open. Leave this side open until you have stitched the bottom.

Lay piece 4 and 5 wrong side together and stitch. Repeat with all 4 sides. The corners will be hard to do, you will have to pinch them pretty hard to get them together. Once bottom is finished you will be read to stitch the remaining edge. One you have this done, all that is left is to add the handles. These can be stitched on, or you can punch holes with grommets and add handles this way. I prefer to sew them.

If you wish to add a fabric lining, you can. I usually leave it with the contact paper, that way you can see the other side of the CD booklet. You could line it with fabric or even use a colored contact paper on the inside.

This project was contributed by April Dickenson


  1. I love this idea. I have tons of CD booklets… just waiting for some creative use. I am kind of confused about the instructions… I think that once I start working on it, it will make more sense. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I made two cd cover purses 😀 the only thing i had a problem with was getting handles on. im 16 and i handsew it 🙂 i love it, thank you!

  3. im new to all this what’s contact paper & where can u get it???

  4. i’ve been trying 2 find a way of making a picture purse/tote for my friend’s b-day, and this is perfect! i’m using publisher 2 make a collage instead of cd covers.

  5. Great idea, but you should have more pics of the putting together process, I found it kind of hard to follow

  6. craft_grl246 says:

    looks ok… a bit tacky tho.

  7. this is a great idea. i have tons of cd booklets i can’t let go of, now i can use them for some purpose other than keeping them in a box!

  8. this is awesome. i could probably sell these at my school.that way it will become popular.i love it i ight just make my own

  9. I like this a lote,I shell try it

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