CD Candle Holder

convert an old CD into a candle holder.

CD Candle Holder

What you need

Old CD'S
Small foil pie tray
Oven tray
Access to oven


Place the foil pie tray onto an oven tray. If you can not find a small pie tray use a metal dish to melt the CD over. Remember to always use Gloves.

Heat the oven to 150-200 Deg Celsius.

Gently place a CD on the foil cup, with the label side up.

Place it into the heated oven for around 10 minutes.

Using an oven glove, push the CD down into the pie tray. It should be flexible enough to sink into the tray and shape.

Allow it to cool and harden.

Always melt CD’s in a well ventilated area.

The Images for this project were contributed by “Altered Angel”

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  1. If you have old CDr you can remove the silver label so you have clear disks for a different look.
    Take a point of a knife and lightly go around the edge of the label. Once that is done take some packing tape or duct tape and press it across the surface. Once you lift the tape the silver part should come loose.

  2. it’s cute! ;D if you’ve got a bunch of CDs you could stack them and put one of those skinny candles in it???? maybe? :)

  3. kinda cool….very interesting way to reuse old CD’s

  4. I thought that this project was a great experience, and that is was great to use as a gift. It required some resurces that might not always be available to younger children without adult super vision.

  5. kinda cute

  6. Could you use a ball of aluminim foil and let the CD drape over the ball to make the holder?

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